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Capt. Marville UNV.Food

its free to smile

I’m passionate about spreading happiness by providing delicious snow cones that will satisfy people’s cravings.

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The Taste of Joy

Hi! My name is Fred A. Marville. Like many people, I love indulging in cold, sweet, and delicious treats, especially on a hot day. One of the best snacks you can eat to cool down is a mouthwatering snow cone.

Capt. Marville UNV.Food sells shaved ice for snow cones in Tampa, Florida. They’re perfect for parties, school events,

and more.

How the Company Began

I have more than 25 years of food service experience and more than 57 years of life experiences to share when you purchase one shaved ice cone. I would love to meet and greet each one of you.

My Mission

Capt. Marville UNV.Food aims to make all people smile.

My Message

It may be hot outside, but you are about to cool your kids and yourself on the inside. All it takes is a smile and a snow cone from Capt. Marville UNV.Food. See you at the site! For event site bookings, please get in touch with me.